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Chaser® Capsules 40 Count Bottle

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Our 40 count bottle will let you enjoy your favorite delicious adult beverages without suffering the next morning. 


Chaser helps byproducts from drinking pass through your system fast using activated charcoal and other ingredients.


Take 2 capsules with your first drink and 2 more every 2-3 hours or every 5-6 drinks.


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Weight 2.6 oz
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.8 × 3.5 in

6 reviews for CHASER 40 COUNT BOTTLE

  1. Alicia

    Try it. It works!

  2. Don (verified owner)

    I helped bring this product out to market because I think it is great and works even better now then it did before.

  3. Carolyn

    This is the only thing I have ever found that really works!! It makes the day after drinking totally manageable.

  4. Rinka Patel

    These are amazing! They work soooo well. I’ll never go out drinking without them again!

  5. Dan

    I love the product especially when it saves my day after a long night of over indulging on scotch. I used it before but think the version I helped bring back to market works even better.

  6. Dan

    I used these many years ago and am happy someone revived them. They drastically mitigate my hangovers, to the point where 6 drinks feels like 2. One of my friends drinks about 5 beers per night and it helped him a lot, especially his quality of sleep. It’s not a magic potion–you’ll still feel some effects, especially if you don’t eat or hydrate, but a whole lot less.

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